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We answer your most frequently asked questions

How do I log in?

You do not have an internet account, create your account.

You already have an account, your login IS your email address,

Your password IS your customer number but instead of the letter C type a capital W. (e.g. customer number = C0000000 / password = W0000000)

What is the minimum amount of your basket?

Minimum order amount: 150 € HT.

For any first order the minimum amount is 300 € HT.

What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping from 400 € HT of order.

Shipping costs for an order from 150 to 200 € : flat rate of 11 € HT

Shipping costs for an order from 201 to 399 € : fixed price of 27 € HT

What are the delivery times?

Approximately 3 days for all items without marking.

Approximately 10 days for all items marked with your logo.

Can the boxes and bags be printed with your logo?

All our boxes and bags can be printed with your company logo.

2 printing processes are available:

hot gilding

Widely used in the field of luxury packaging, hot stamping is applied using a brass plate engraved by transfer from a composite ribbon, coated with metallic pigments in gold, silver or other colours, metallic or not. On the back of this film, a hot melt glue heated to the right temperature (115 to 120°C) under the pressure exerted by a metallic cliché (gilding iron) will print the shape of the cliché on the piece. Often used to give a metallic gold or silver appearance to a logo or decoration, hot stamping can also be coloured or holographic. This exclusively handcrafted process leads to limited and variable printing rates depending on the complexity of the design to be printed.

Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect printing system for marking any type of support, of any shape. This process of taking ink from the hollow of an engraved plate (obtained by chemical photoengraving) deposits a very thin film of ink, by means of a silicone rubber transfer pad. This process guarantees a precise and fast marking, whatever the volumes to be realized.

How much does it cost to create a logo (you do not have a graphic source)?

Graphic creation of your logo = 110,00 €HT

How much does it cost to make your plates?

Production of tampon printing plates = 50,00 € excl. VAT

Production of hot foil stamping cliché:

- up to 50 mm = 65,00 €HT

- from 50 to 70 mm = 75,00 €HT

- from 70 to 80 mm = 95,00 €HT

Renewal of the cliché due to wear and tear:

- in pad printing = 50,00 €HT

- in hot gilding = according to dimensions (see price list above)

How much do printing costs cost?

0,25€ PU-HT for gold printing

0,15€ PU-HT for pad printing