• Due to major disruptions in transport, we are currently experiencing delivery delays that could impact your orders.We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, our teams remain mobilized and listen to your requests for information. 

General terms and conditions of sale


a) By placing his order and accepting the goods delivered by us, the customer confirms his acceptance of our conditions.

b) The exchange of our goods is excluded, if they have been specially produced or processed for an order or if they have been produced or processed with a special finish.


a) In the case of countries with a flat rate, we reserve the right to calculate the transport costs according to the actual costs.

b) We reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly in the event of increases in labour costs, raw materials, materials, customs duties and any other surcharges prior to the execution of the order.

c) Orders with price tags will be increased in accordance with the current price list.

d) We reserve the right to request the payment of down payments or a deposit equal to the amount of the delivery invoice in the event that special circumstances occur or are brought to our attention.

e) The payment terms are 30 days following receipt of the goods and performance of the service, unless otherwise stipulated in the terms of sale or agreed. This period may not exceed 45 days at the end of the month or 60 days on the invoice date.

Discount for early payment: 0%.

f) The amount of the collection charges in the event of late payment has been set by decree at €40 and is due for each invoice paid late (Article D 441-5 of the French Commercial Code).

This compensation is due by right from the first day of late payment and regardless of the applicable time limit (legal time limit or derogatory time limit).

It is in addition to any late payment penalties stipulated in the payment conditions and is not subject to VAT.

g) The court of Avignon has sole jurisdiction to settle disputes.



Minimum order amount: 150 € HT.

For any first order the minimum order amount is 300 € HT.


Postage free from 400€ HT order.

With the exception of 'accessories' products: Personalised labels - Personalised gift wrap paper

- Personalised ribbons - Plain ribbons or bolducs out of stock

Shipping costs for an order of 150 to 200 € HT: fixed price of 11 € HT*.

Shipping costs for an order from 201 to 399 € HT: fixed price of 27 € HT*.

To guarantee you a delivery scheduled on 1 specific day: optional fixed price of 25€ HT

*A supplement of 15 € HT will be added for deliveries to the Coastal Islands and Corsica.


Minimum order amount 500 € HT.

Pro forma invoice with flat-rate postage according to destination.


a) From 8 days to 3 weeks depending on the choice of printing technique and the workload in our workshops. The delay is understood as 'processing time' (that of Imcarvau), the 'delivery time' depends on the carrier and is in no way our responsibility.

b) The delivery period is suspended during the period of verification of the offprints, production samples, clichés, mock-ups and others by the customer.

c) The delivery period is tacitly extended in the event of obstacles due to force majeure (natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, etc.) delaying or prohibiting the delivery of the goods, IMCARVAU is released from all liability.

d) We are authorised to make partial deliveries.


a) The goods travel at the risk and peril of the recipient.

b) Immediately visible damage to the object, external damage or loss is to be reported immediately after receipt of delivery of the goods to the carrier.

Reservations must be written, significant and complete on the delivery note and confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 72 hours.

c) Any other detectable damage must be reported to us in writing within eight days of receipt of the goods at the point of destination at the latest, in particular via our e-mail address: sav@imcarvau.fr.

Any complaint made after this deadline will be rejected.

d) The final colour rendering of our bags, cases and displays may vary by +/-10% on each arrival.

e) In the event of damage to the goods for which we are responsible, we have the choice of either repairing them or making a replacement delivery. In the first case, we shall bear the costs up to a maximum of the order value.

f) Exposure to sunlight and light does not entitle the customer to any claims for damages.